Friday, 23 September 2011


You bring your date home, head up to your bedroom in a steamy affair and as soon as the lights go on the needle screeches of the record... not what she expected. The mood is lost as you shove all your clothes off your bed and onto the piles of muck on your floor. She makes an excuse to leave, trips over your laptop cables and concludes your night of 'passion'. Not what you expected right? If you have been in a similar situation as a bachelor I urge you to read on for your own good.

Heaps of clothing strewn about the floor, pizza boxes from last weekend and electrical cables do not qualify for sexy bedroom decor. It's a complete turn-off for a woman to find your bedroom looking like it has been hit by a tornado. Boys, it's time to put order to chaos, to bring sophistication and character to your room and in the words of Justin Timberlake, it's time to 'bring sexy back'.

First things first, you need a comfortable and attractive bed. Have a matching set of clean sheets, duvet and pillows. Four pillows are better than one. Trust me, the extra three pillows will come in handy when having a guest over. Make sure to change the bedding every 2 weeks, (no exceptions) so have 2 or more sets of bedding. It is essential to have a bedside table to place you alarm clock, watch, table lamp etc. Invest in one that has a drawer for storage and in the same style and finish as your bed. 

Next, tidy up your space. Invest in storage, shelving and laundry baskets. Clear your room of clutter, magazines and cables. Let everything have its place. The floor should be visible and spotless. Also, try to keep your laundry basket in a separate space when having a guest and try to do the laundry as often as you can.

Reflect your personality with your choice of art. There's a thin line between tasteful and trashy. So refrain from putting up posters of naked/practically naked women. This is not to say that there cant be any nude/nude-ish imagery. The key is to be tasteful. If in doubt, go for abstract art. And FYI, pictures of your mom belong in the living room and ex-girlfriend snaps belong in an album tucked far far away from reach.

As for lighting, the same applies for your whole bachelor pad. The rule of thumb is having more than one light source. Bedside lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are essential in creating a seductive ambiance. Additionally, a dimmer switch or candles would add the extra oomph.

 mood board by yours truly

For those who like color and don't know how to use it, try softer muted shades of grey, cream, blue or brown. Add pops of color with plants, art and  pillows. Tie in strong colors like black, navy blue and silver for a more masculine feel.

It is important to have extras. Throws, plants, curtains etc., introduce a softness to your room and reduce the harsh and neutral feel of the space.

Now you have everything you need to make your bachelor bedroom 'Man-room' comfortable and seductive. Think intimate, sophisticated and inviting, and it will be hard for any girl to leave. Go on boys, bring sexy back!

xx christina xx

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