Wednesday, 12 October 2011

TREND: ACID...dare to be Bright

source unknown

Alas the sunny days of summer are gone and a nippy autumn creeps in to take its place. Skies once clear and bright are now dull and grey, and our sunnies have been stored away. But fret not boys and girls because we're bringing in the brights! And not just brights but really bright brights!!! So get your sunnies back on because its about to get ACID bright!

As you may have noticed by now the key word today is bright. Bright colors are now bang on trend for home decor. For those that love color in abundance, this is definitely for you. For those that don't I say...come on, live a little. There are so many ways of infusing color into a room. Through paint, furniture, wallpaper, lighting, accessories...the list is endless.

Use bright little accessories to brighten up your space. Try different combinations of color to really achieve a bold effect.

acid bright wall and furniture, source unknown

I absolutely love everything in the setting above. The wallpaper is as exquisite as the color of the chaise. And those tasty little cakes on their stand are a lovely feast for the eye.

source unknown

Contrast. Contrast. Contrast. That is the one way of ensuring that color pops. As you can see, the purple brightens the yellow of the lemons. 

This delightful lamp in purple would suit a yellow or orange background and brighten up your space. Speaking of bright colored lamps, this season there are some great lamps available in a variety colors at BHS. So don't hesitate to check them out.

When playing with bold color, try everything. you might be surprised by the results. Mix and match color and textures to achieve the best and brightest effects. For more modern looks try white walls and have only furniture and accessories in color. For more classic/quirky looks try bright vintage wallpaper and vintage accessories (as below). 
Acid bright mood board by yours truly

Try different color combinations to make things pop. Try yellows with purples, greens with reds, blues with oranges... Embrace this season of color and dare to be bright. Happy coloring!

xx christina xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Listening to the Ronettes, the Beatles and the Beegees gets me thinking about a chilled out and groovy era that we call 'retro'. The era that brought us rock and roll, funk and soul; that is the 50s to the 70s was the era of contemporary and modern interiors.

In the 50s, people loved bold patterns for wallpapers and fabrics, but went for elegant, modern furniture that floated magically above the floor on slender legs. The 60s produced a diverse range of styles, from country cottage pine to blow-up chairs. The classic retro look is typified by long, low, teak sideboards and coffee tables. In the 70s the love affair with teak continued, but the new look was pine. 70s furniture also had a chunkier feel to that from the 60s.

What I love most about retro decor is the bold prints and pops of color. I love the eclectic nature of its time as well. For those that love vintage, rock n roll, eclectic and bold styles this definitely the style for you.

When doing retro, one cannot afford to be shy. One needs to embrace color, form and print fully. Experimenting with color and pattern could bring quirky and stylish outcomes. Adding a few vintage accessories here and there in pop colors could really tie in the space. 


This is by far one of my favorite retro looks. The low hanging pendant light is ultra modern and the floor light adds extra oomph. Tho colors are perfect. The throw pillows are all different and yet still work within the retro scheme. Everything seems in its place, sleek and fresh.

I absolutely fall in love with the dog-tooth print on the throw pillows and the barely there blue of the lampshades in this space. Also, the star-burst mirrors are 'oh so retro'.

There's something so tasty about pops of color complementing each other in a space. The teal and yellow above and the aqua and red below work well together to bring a retro vibe to the space. Accessorizing with colorful objects gives a great contrast to the spaces.

With that said, my advice comes in three words. Color. Pattern. Vintage. Keep it quirky and colorful and you can't go wrong. 
P.s, I thought it's only fit to complete the retro look with a classic hit by The Ronettes 'Be my baby'. 

Be my baby- The Ronettes


xx christina xx