Sunday, 12 May 2013

Adorable Mothers Day Ideas

Happy Mothers day! Today we celebrate those fantastic women who gave life to us, taught us the meaning of family and continue to be the motivational cheerleaders of our lives. Here's a little post dedicated to all those wonderful women on this special day. The great thing about these little but creative ideas are that they can keep going well after mother's day into the rest of the month or year, making everyday an exciting occasion. A real treat for moms out there! 

1. Nothing says I love you mom like an adorable berries and juice platter. 
Replace the juice with some wine the next day and have a romantic dessert. 

2. Why not brighten up the morning with neon stencil gift boxes? 
Change up the lettering on the boxes to suit any occasion. 

3. How about some indulgence in a little care package for moms who like a bit of dining? 

4. When have delicious cupcakes never been a good idea? Bake a few cupcakes making sure to do the icing when they are cool. Display them on a cake stand and decorate them with little flags / labels with personalised messages for dear mom.

5. Miniature gardening gift anyone? Carve out the center of a wine cork using a small knife. Fill the hole with cactus soil and plant a succulent cutting. A magnet strip glued to the cork back would easily allow it to be attached to the fridge or any metallic surface! Neat little project!

6. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Get a fresh bunch of them. Get a glass jar and cut the stems of the flowers to the right length. For more of a color pop, wrap some differently coloured ribbons around the glass jar and secure neatly with glue. Custom jar done!

7. No one can say no to a relaxing bath especially with these bath accessories and salts. 
Get three little jars create a stencil with the letters M and O. Place the stencil over the jars and paint over with white acrylic paint. Take of the stencil and let it dry. Pour a different scent into its own jar and you're done. 

8. A little herb gardening in the kitchen will go a long way. Mom will definitely appreciate it and so will you at dinnertime. Follow the source below to learn how to go about it.

9. For those of you who like full-on DIY projects, this one's for you. Create an applique pillow such as this one by Anna Joyce. Follow the source for the instructions on how to make this lovely home accessory for your mom.

10. I certainly know just how messy ones jewellery can get when not properly organised. Here's a more practical yet decorative solution for that problem. Your mom will thank you for years. First select a picture frame suited to mom's taste and attach lengths of chain from one end of the back of the frame to the other. Secure them as tightly or as loosely as you would like. Hang your jewellery in whatever way seems pleasing and voila!

Happy mothers day!
Indulge, appreciate life and those around you. This one's for you Mom!


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mirror Makeover

What once was a boring accessory I have had for ages is now something that looks more valuable with no more than a lick of paint and 30 minutes. Here's how I took a boring and cheap mirror frame and transformed it into a stylish home accessory.

What you need:

1. Take out the backing cover and the mirror from the frame. 
Paint a thin coat of acrylic paint onto the frame. Dont worry if it is messy.
2.  Concentrate on covering the corners of the frame with the paint as that is where the details are.
3. When the first coat of paint is dry, paint another coat onto it. Repeat this process until you get the desired coverage.
4. Place the mirror and the backing cover back onto the frame and finish off by accessorising the frame with jewellery or whatever you like.



Mid-Mod mood.board

'Mid-mod mood board' - now that's a bit of a tongue twister but fear not, creating this look is easier done than said for once. Here's how it works: Start by picking a sofa and a credenza whose legs lift the furniture off the ground. Go for a more vintage leg in similar shape or finish. The key to this look is to lift everything heavy off the ground, therefore select a more dainty or delicate looking base (leg). Add some colour and geometric shapes through artwork, accessories and light fixtures. Dont be afraid to go a little crazy because that's what really ties the room together. Lastly, create a balance between the wooden, metallic and plastic finishes in the room. One thing to remember is that the mid-century modern look is all a balancing act struck in shape, colour, texture, size and material.


Monday, 8 April 2013



Here's an ombre mood.board that draws inspiration from the dip dye season. Here's how it would work: Just like nature's ombre effet in the sunset, choose warm tones for the room's overhead lighting, curtains and pillows. Ground these with a darker charcoal grey furniture and a light hardwood floor. Keep your walls light for an open and airy feel or darker for a more sensual feel. Bounce off the light and color in the room through silver accessories and finishes, just as the water reflects the light in the photograph.  


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Do or Dye!

So the season for dip dye (also known as ombre) may be somewhat in the past but it certainly doesn't cease to inspire today. Here are 20 amazing dip dye projects that absolutely keep our eyes on this trend. From ombre wallpaper to home accessories the did dye effect has us gasping for more. My philosophy in life is simple - if you like it, have it, get it, keep it, do it. Just because something is not in season doesn't mean that it ceases to work. It's not broken, it's just different. So if you're still in love or in like  with dip dye 'ombre', then by all means, like it, have it, get it, keep it or do it! 

1. Who doesn't love this zesty lime ombre wall paper? Nobody that's who.

2. Simple but effective in injecting a pop of colour.

3.  Interesting cutlery for dinner table conversation.

4. These silver ombre roly poly glasses would make great accessories to a dining table.

5. A great way to make Easter exciting with these dip dyed eggs.

6. How much more nautical can you get with this amazing chair?

7. Stools serving up contrast between the exposed wood and white paint.

8. A tablecloth so beautifully subtle in its colour graduation that you almost miss it.

9. These absolutely charming salad bowls would bring vibrancy to any kitchen.

10. Table dipped in gold. 

11. Martha Stewart does it again with these dip dyed baskets.

12. Talk about giving depth to a space with these ombre curtains. 

13. This hot pink ombre bedding gives great contrasts to the wall and artwork.

14. How beautiful are these tiles for a feature wall?

15. This dip dye rainbow silk pillow cover would 
make a great accessory for any room. 

16.  This dip dye ruched duvet and pillow bring stunning color to an all white room.

17. What's not to love about this yarn wrapped, ombre effect 
graphic letter accessory? 

18. Subtle but effective ombre spray painted paper pendant light. 

19. Need inspiration for a fresh workspace? Start here with this ombre desk and chair combo.

20. Last but not least is this mouth-watering ombre cake by Glorious Treats. Yum!

Be inspired people!


Thursday, 4 April 2013

World Class - Africa!

Kicking off the 'World Class' series is Africa; my favourite continent and a source of inspirational interiors or myself and many others. From the calming shores of Lamu in East Africa to the rich souks (markets) of Morocco in North Africa comes all sorts of colour, vibrance, texture and variety. We embark on our exciting journey around this rich continent beginning with Morocco, then onto Lamu and last but certainly not least to the Cape in South Africa. Looking for a sense of adventure in your home? Go on and bring the inspiration of the African interior into your space. Happy travels!


Morrocan Living room

Two toned wall with Ornamental mirror and cabinets
Decorative lantern

Quick tips for a moroccan style: 
1. Light but warm coloured walls... like soft pinks with brown... corals etc.
2. Accent colour with shades of (green and red) or (pink and gold) or hues of blue.
3. Metallic ornaments such as trays and tea sets, mirror frames, lanterns.
4. Intricate textures and patterns.

For more on the Moroccan style see my previous post 'Take me to Morocco' here.


Quick tips for a coastal Lamu style:
1. Off-white plastered and textured walls to keep the house cool.
2. Warm browns and rusty red accents.
3. Flowing and/or sheer white fabrics draped casually over bedposts or as room dividers. 
4. Intricately carved wood and stone features, and patterned ornaments.


Indoor-outdoor fireplace

Quick tips for a South African safari style:
1. Neutral or ochre coloured walls with a bit of texture.
2. Rich and warm colour accents.
3. Dark wooden furniture and decorative elements.
4. Soft lighting through table lamps and fireplaces

Must haves: A must have for an African inspired interior is pattern. From intricate and delicate to bold and graphic, patterns are the consistent element in African decor. Select an inspiring pattern, see which of the above styles it compliments and transform your space instantly. Explore your sense of adventure!