Sunday, 12 May 2013

Adorable Mothers Day Ideas

Happy Mothers day! Today we celebrate those fantastic women who gave life to us, taught us the meaning of family and continue to be the motivational cheerleaders of our lives. Here's a little post dedicated to all those wonderful women on this special day. The great thing about these little but creative ideas are that they can keep going well after mother's day into the rest of the month or year, making everyday an exciting occasion. A real treat for moms out there! 

1. Nothing says I love you mom like an adorable berries and juice platter. 
Replace the juice with some wine the next day and have a romantic dessert. 

2. Why not brighten up the morning with neon stencil gift boxes? 
Change up the lettering on the boxes to suit any occasion. 

3. How about some indulgence in a little care package for moms who like a bit of dining? 

4. When have delicious cupcakes never been a good idea? Bake a few cupcakes making sure to do the icing when they are cool. Display them on a cake stand and decorate them with little flags / labels with personalised messages for dear mom.

5. Miniature gardening gift anyone? Carve out the center of a wine cork using a small knife. Fill the hole with cactus soil and plant a succulent cutting. A magnet strip glued to the cork back would easily allow it to be attached to the fridge or any metallic surface! Neat little project!

6. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Get a fresh bunch of them. Get a glass jar and cut the stems of the flowers to the right length. For more of a color pop, wrap some differently coloured ribbons around the glass jar and secure neatly with glue. Custom jar done!

7. No one can say no to a relaxing bath especially with these bath accessories and salts. 
Get three little jars create a stencil with the letters M and O. Place the stencil over the jars and paint over with white acrylic paint. Take of the stencil and let it dry. Pour a different scent into its own jar and you're done. 

8. A little herb gardening in the kitchen will go a long way. Mom will definitely appreciate it and so will you at dinnertime. Follow the source below to learn how to go about it.

9. For those of you who like full-on DIY projects, this one's for you. Create an applique pillow such as this one by Anna Joyce. Follow the source for the instructions on how to make this lovely home accessory for your mom.

10. I certainly know just how messy ones jewellery can get when not properly organised. Here's a more practical yet decorative solution for that problem. Your mom will thank you for years. First select a picture frame suited to mom's taste and attach lengths of chain from one end of the back of the frame to the other. Secure them as tightly or as loosely as you would like. Hang your jewellery in whatever way seems pleasing and voila!

Happy mothers day!
Indulge, appreciate life and those around you. This one's for you Mom!


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