Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mid-Mod mood.board

'Mid-mod mood board' - now that's a bit of a tongue twister but fear not, creating this look is easier done than said for once. Here's how it works: Start by picking a sofa and a credenza whose legs lift the furniture off the ground. Go for a more vintage leg in similar shape or finish. The key to this look is to lift everything heavy off the ground, therefore select a more dainty or delicate looking base (leg). Add some colour and geometric shapes through artwork, accessories and light fixtures. Dont be afraid to go a little crazy because that's what really ties the room together. Lastly, create a balance between the wooden, metallic and plastic finishes in the room. One thing to remember is that the mid-century modern look is all a balancing act struck in shape, colour, texture, size and material.


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