Thursday, 4 April 2013

World Class - Africa!

Kicking off the 'World Class' series is Africa; my favourite continent and a source of inspirational interiors or myself and many others. From the calming shores of Lamu in East Africa to the rich souks (markets) of Morocco in North Africa comes all sorts of colour, vibrance, texture and variety. We embark on our exciting journey around this rich continent beginning with Morocco, then onto Lamu and last but certainly not least to the Cape in South Africa. Looking for a sense of adventure in your home? Go on and bring the inspiration of the African interior into your space. Happy travels!


Morrocan Living room

Two toned wall with Ornamental mirror and cabinets
Decorative lantern

Quick tips for a moroccan style: 
1. Light but warm coloured walls... like soft pinks with brown... corals etc.
2. Accent colour with shades of (green and red) or (pink and gold) or hues of blue.
3. Metallic ornaments such as trays and tea sets, mirror frames, lanterns.
4. Intricate textures and patterns.

For more on the Moroccan style see my previous post 'Take me to Morocco' here.


Quick tips for a coastal Lamu style:
1. Off-white plastered and textured walls to keep the house cool.
2. Warm browns and rusty red accents.
3. Flowing and/or sheer white fabrics draped casually over bedposts or as room dividers. 
4. Intricately carved wood and stone features, and patterned ornaments.


Indoor-outdoor fireplace

Quick tips for a South African safari style:
1. Neutral or ochre coloured walls with a bit of texture.
2. Rich and warm colour accents.
3. Dark wooden furniture and decorative elements.
4. Soft lighting through table lamps and fireplaces

Must haves: A must have for an African inspired interior is pattern. From intricate and delicate to bold and graphic, patterns are the consistent element in African decor. Select an inspiring pattern, see which of the above styles it compliments and transform your space instantly. Explore your sense of adventure!   


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