Sunday, 7 April 2013

Do or Dye!

So the season for dip dye (also known as ombre) may be somewhat in the past but it certainly doesn't cease to inspire today. Here are 20 amazing dip dye projects that absolutely keep our eyes on this trend. From ombre wallpaper to home accessories the did dye effect has us gasping for more. My philosophy in life is simple - if you like it, have it, get it, keep it, do it. Just because something is not in season doesn't mean that it ceases to work. It's not broken, it's just different. So if you're still in love or in like  with dip dye 'ombre', then by all means, like it, have it, get it, keep it or do it! 

1. Who doesn't love this zesty lime ombre wall paper? Nobody that's who.

2. Simple but effective in injecting a pop of colour.

3.  Interesting cutlery for dinner table conversation.

4. These silver ombre roly poly glasses would make great accessories to a dining table.

5. A great way to make Easter exciting with these dip dyed eggs.

6. How much more nautical can you get with this amazing chair?

7. Stools serving up contrast between the exposed wood and white paint.

8. A tablecloth so beautifully subtle in its colour graduation that you almost miss it.

9. These absolutely charming salad bowls would bring vibrancy to any kitchen.

10. Table dipped in gold. 

11. Martha Stewart does it again with these dip dyed baskets.

12. Talk about giving depth to a space with these ombre curtains. 

13. This hot pink ombre bedding gives great contrasts to the wall and artwork.

14. How beautiful are these tiles for a feature wall?

15. This dip dye rainbow silk pillow cover would 
make a great accessory for any room. 

16.  This dip dye ruched duvet and pillow bring stunning color to an all white room.

17. What's not to love about this yarn wrapped, ombre effect 
graphic letter accessory? 

18. Subtle but effective ombre spray painted paper pendant light. 

19. Need inspiration for a fresh workspace? Start here with this ombre desk and chair combo.

20. Last but not least is this mouth-watering ombre cake by Glorious Treats. Yum!

Be inspired people!


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