Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Green has never been my favourite colour. I've tried to love it and have failed on many occasions. I don't particularly like it on clothing, nail varnish , accessories but somehow I like it in interiors. Therefore I am learning to embrace green and the more I do, the more flexible I feel towards it. And it helps to have inspiration in order to embrace a colour you don't particularly like but works on so many levels. So, welcome to my discovery of green...

"Green is a colour that symbolises nature, regeneration and vitality. Green has become the symbol for environmentalism. It is the colour of nature so with our growing awareness surrounding sustainability, colour inspired by our natural environment soothes our minds.

Green brings nature indoors creating a botanical setting filled with tranquillity. In the home, green is perfect for refreshing and revitalising a room. This colour works particularly well where serenity is desired like within bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

For a delicate effect, start with soft olive tones which can create understated living rooms. Calming jades are perfect for bathrooms offering a relaxing environment for you to unwind. Vibrant limes will add some energy to your room and look particularly contemporary when combined with cool neutrals like grey.

Muted greens inspired by aloe, cactus and herbs offer subtle shades which can be combined beautifully. Calm greens like Watercolour Green and Overtly Olive demonstrate this soft effect and work particularly well in open plan spaces where the garden enhances the soothing colours."

                                                                                                                                          - Dulux

I think the reason I didn't like green was because I had a particular green in mind that I was totally against but looking at natural shades of green in leaves, in stones and in fruits helped me to discover shades that were much suited to my liking. This helped me broaden my colour scheme.

If you're used to picking the same colours or are a little bit afraid of change, my suggestion is to browse around for inspiration a little bit more than your norm. Trying new things could open you up to amazing possibilities. I can now say that I'm starting to embrace green, I'm giving it a little smooch and I'm deliciously interested in making the most of it.

xx christina xx


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  2. Thank you 'home decorator collection' im definitely gonna get back to posting more inspirational material!