Tuesday, 6 September 2011



Sculptures are to homes as accessories are to outfits; very necessary. These home accents can adorn your home and give it character and style. Decorative busts and wooden sculpture accents can blend in perfectly with both traditional and modern home furniture. Poly-stone and resin sculptures provide great options for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Don't be afraid to mix and match styles,materials, shapes and sizes. What I really like about the image above is the eclectic feel it gives. Modern meets traditional. For those who have no clue what style they would like in sculpture,  mixing the styles could help you compare and contrast what suits you better. I think it would be absolutely stunning to have that roman bust on a pedestal in a foyer. The gold lamp sconce would be a great bold statement but the leopard print chair sculpture could be an acquired taste to design 'newbies'.


 Here are some outdoor sculpture ideas. Figure statues often give an air of romance and fantasy to a garden. They compliment traditional gardens and the more they age, the more beautiful they become. For those looking for a better fit for their modern garden, abstract stone or metallic sculptures would create the perfect accent.

I would recommend looking at the 'Art Gallery Buy Sculpture'. It's a site that makes it easy to visualise the sculptures in the space. So if your looking for an accesory to match your fabulous home, look no further. There are sculptures of all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Bring the romance and fantasy to both your indoor and outdoor spaces with one or more stunning pieces. Happy shopping everybody!

xx christina xx

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