Monday, 12 September 2011


There's something very calm and serene about neutral schemes in a home. They create a classic and ageless style. They often give off a clean, natural and airy feel to a space. Varying hues, tones and textures makes it easy to increase or decrease the warmth of a neutral palette.

It's much more than beige walls and pale white furniture. Its really about natural and subtle tones working together to form an overall image. All one has to do is look at nature for inspiration to get up to date with the neutral trend.

"Our growing concern for the environment and its woodlands is reflected in this palette with colours which are reminiscent of cut timber, bark and cork- warm, gentle shades that are easy to live with and relaxing. 

Clay and earth tones express both the natural environment and the natural materials of sustainable craft work for communities across different cultures.

Pales and soft off-whites create feelings of light, warmth and serenity but with character. This array of off-whites and greys can be used together to create a layered look that will add depth, dimension and interest.
Understated greys allow for maximum combination possibilities with a wide variety of tones from other palettes- try with mustard yellows, corals or teals for a high fashion look.

Deeper shades like clay and slate grey are architectural colours that put over a mood of contemporary chic. They offset warmer and brighter shades beautifully and give depth and definition to pale warm neutrals. "
                                                                                                                                        - Dulux
I came across this chart of earth tones and thought this is the direction for a neutral colour scheme. Very subtle hues and very serene colours. 

 If you're looking for neutral, find inspiration from nature and layer all these qualities together for a fresh, light and serene space. So don't think boring, think classic and don't think beige either, think timeless. Go for it.

xx christina xx

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