Saturday, 20 August 2011


Your home is a reflection of yourself. Piled up pizza boxes and empty beer cans are not a good look. Bachelor pads are meant to be suave, sophisticated and dare I say it, cool. If your home is none of these things then it might be time to upgrade the digs and rethink your decor boys. Now don't panic, for those of you who have no clue what decor means. Follow the tips below and transform your mess of a home into the ultimate bachelor pad.

Living room:
The first order of business is spending your cash on a great sofa. Invest in a comfortable piece that can host your mates for the big game or host a guest crashing over at yours. You spend most of your time here so dig deep in those pockets and get something worthwhile. Light sofas make a room feel bigger but for those who eat on the couch often, darker sofas will camouflage food/drink stains better. Go for neutral colors if you're in doubt. 

Another essential item you should have is a coffee table. Depending on the feel  of the space, go for either classic or contemporary and you are sure to have a winner. Next, invest in one or two statement chairs, something that's... "so you." Main furniture done! With lighting, the rule of thumb is having more than one light source. Have your main overhead lighting be a feature in itself and compliment it with a floor and table lamp. These additions will give your living room the perfect light conditions.  If you don't have a fireplace fear not because candles are a great alternative for heat and light. And fire is always sexy.

Mood board by yours truly

The next items on the to-do-list are accessories. here's where your creativity comes in. Introduce pops or shades of colour through accessories. Rugs, artwork, cushions, curtains, bowls ... the list is endless. Its easy to experiment with colour and texture this way and the best thing about it is that it can easily be changed. Last but not least is storage. Keep your place clean and tidy with shelving and racks.

Mood board by yours truly

Now there's no excuse for a  messy, mismatched living room. Keep things simple, express yourself and the rest will come together. And with these kind of secrets the ladies might never want to leave... You're welcome.

xx christina xx


  1. any idea where i can find the arwork in the first picture?

    1. Hello. I don't know where you would fine the exact artwork in the picture but they look very much like architectural sketches. Try looking for architectural drawings by Lebbeus Woods or Carlo Scarpa. I have seen similar drawings by students in the RIBA Presidents Medals Student Awards, perhaps you can contact one of them to get a print. Here's one students sketches that are similar: Hope this helps. Good luck.

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