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There's so much you can re-use and re-style at home. Part two of the 'save the planet' series will give you the ideas and inspiration to make a change in your home for the good of our environment. I would like to explore the concept of re-use and re-styling household objects into functional and aesthetic pieces of Eco-friendly design. Anyone who likes cratfs will certainly enjoy the challenge of re-styling and anyone new to DIY could beging by re-using. I have compiled some images of inspiration for everyday items and how they could be re-purposed.

Blown out Bulbs
Cut them, empty them, wash them, paint them, glitter them, hang them... the list is endless when it comes to what you can do to style your blown out bulbs. With little bits and bobs you can transform your old bulbs into mini vases, tree ornaments, saltshakers, oil lamps and into so many more things. I stumbled upon a post about beautiful hanging vases made from recycled bulbs by Esprit Cabane and also a recycled incandescent bulb at Ready Made. Check them out.

Image from Esprit Cabane

Image from Ready Made

 Image by Wicked Stepmom

Empty Bottles
Got empty bottles waiting around to be trashed? Why not re-purpose them into unique vases and lighting fixtures. I saw this uber amazing chandelier "The Narrative Augmented Reality Chandelier" made from PET bottles by Julius Kranefuss.

Image by 

The Narrative Augmented Reality Chandelier

Tin Cans
These are many ways to re-style tin cans. The first reflex would be to style them as pen/paintbrush holders or jewellery tins. Try using bits of tiles or foam and paint and create some colorful containers. Alternatively, try new things by cutting, bending and hanging them to create cute little lanterns or candle holders. Here are some examples by creativeman and junkwave.

Image by creativeman

Image by  the Junkwave

Being resourceful and creative shouldn't be a chore. Experiment with crafts and ideas and you will be surprised with what you can come up with. Bring new life to old things and save the planet one decorative tin can at a time.

xx christina xx

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