Friday, 12 August 2011


Wall Decal... Not an entirely new concept but there are so many reasons why it's fun and great for your interior. Vinyl wall decals give you the opportunity to add color and patterns to your home without lifting a single paintbrush. They are excellent for people who like to change their mind and even better for those who redecorate every five minutes. oops...same people... Anyway below is a list of reasons why vinyl wall decals are a great idea.
  • They are easy to use...literally peel, transfer and peel off
  • A neat alternative to stencils for those who do not enjoy working with paint
  • Suited for use on painted, papered, glass and mirrored surfaces
  • A way of expressing yourself (you can also post your philosophical quotes)
  • Inexpensive but powerful
  • Great for changing up the feel of a room
  • Have a great variety in terms of color, pattern and images
  • Great for kids rooms
If you haven't experimented with wall decals, now is your chance. Try them large or small, bright or pale, simple or complicated, with pictures or words. They have absolutely lots to offer.

I am absolutely in love with the unique clock wall decal. Very quirky. Also, the the pastel 'Love is no.1' is really lovely matched with the white chairs. I really love the park bench and tree wall decal in brown below. It really brings in a natural element to the room.

I like this because it's quite modern, simple and  feels like someone did some freehand abstract painting. I love the quote by Rumi and I would imagine breakfast on that table would be a lovely experience each morning.

I adore the reflective wall decals because they would bring a dynamic new feel to any room. These would be a definite must have for those willing to take great and fabulous risks.

Last but not least, wall decals for children's rooms are a great idea and inspire imagination in the youngsters. Any child's room can transform into a fun and magical destination by the transfer of wall decals. There's so much variety in this department that it would be a shame not to try. In time, when the kids are all grown up, swiftly peel off the wall decals and opt for a more age appropriate design.

There is so much variety when it comes to wall decal and one need not be an expert to create a fabulous interior. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment. Its easy, fast, affordable and  need I say more? Go out there and get it now. 

xx christina xx

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