Thursday, 12 January 2012

Air of Romance

With each new year we all make resolutions that we swear to see through. There's always that thing we want to do or that thing we want to get or something we want to change. We make promises to eat healthier, sign up for that gym membership, quit smoking, get our lives organised...the list is endless. This year I realized that life needs, well, more life! More laughter, inspiration, spontaneity, purity, sensuality and last but not least more romance. 

Romance I fear has been somewhat lost to our generation, only to be found in books that hardly anyone reads. Furthermore, romance has become associated to many teenagers' delight with fictional characters in Vampire movies and series. Anyway, that's besides the point. Whatever your idea of romance is, pursue it... Consequently, In my pursuit, I have compiled some images of inspiration of the 'air of romance'.

The key to a romantic setting is light. Soft light seeping through light and sheer curtains that billow in the slight breeze.

The second key to romance is in the details and embellishments. Hand-carved, hand-painted, hand-stitched and hand-drawn artifacts give the impression of time and care put into them. Additionally, they imply that each one of them is unique to its owner, its time and place. 

embellished bedroom

Sometimes romance is simplistic.

white and silver bedroom

Other times elaborate. 

fairy tale inspired cradle by Giusti Portos

Romantic bathroom designed by Servio Firmino

Other times mysterious.

Sometimes innocent and playful.

There's so much more to romance than we can possibly imagine or put together. Our idea of it varies from one person to the other. I hope however that we all seek it... after all, what harm could come of it? Thus with these few words I bid you all good wishes for the new year and a year full of romance.

Disclaimer: I do not own these images and I have not referenced some because I collected them a while back. I have referenced those I could. 


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